Benefits of Fascia Treatment

Benefits of Fascia Treatment

Why is it so important to take care of your Fascia?

Fascia – the largest organ in the body

Recent research shows that fascia plays a more important role in terms of health, pain and discomfort than previously known.

Fascia is a network of connective tissue with no beginning and no end that encompasses the whole body – from muscles and skeleton to organs and cells.

In 2017 Fascia was acknowledged as the largest organ in the body.

When you are in pain, the pain is actually in your Fascia. Stiffer fascia = more pain

Fascia is responsible for more than one third of the bio-mechanics, it contains most of the bodys pain receptors and almost all internal communication of the body happens in the fascia system.

If the layers of fascia stick together or becomes inflamed, it can decrease mobility and cause pain.

Fascia is affected by your lifestyle and your environment

Fascia is affected by age, genotype, diseases, medication, nutrition, social stress, sleep, polution, psycological stress and much more.

You could argue that anyone whit a modern lifestyle would benefit from regular fascia treatment.

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