Creating a new standard in well-being by combining health, tech & franchise

  • Fascia Clinics helps people who want to feel well through treatment with patented equipment and methodology based on science and proven experience.
  • The business model is franchise, where the end consumer purchases treatment, nutritional supplements, and membership, and the franchisees receive assistance in running and expanding their business.
  • Fascia Clinics is a modern tech company with expertise in customer journeys and AI, utilizing systematic processes for marketing, sales, customer care, recruitment and administration. Franchise is a proven scalable business model, both domestically and internationally.
  • The concept is fully developed, with revenue increasing from 1.7 million SEK in 2021 to 17 million SEK in 2023 – with an EBITDA of 2 million SEK.
  • In the next five years we aim to start 250 clinics in Sweden with a yearly revenue of one billion Swedish crowns. Meanwhile we are expanding the concept to 5 countries in the EU and to the USA.
  • Our vision is that Fascia Clinics will be the first thing in mind for people seeking well-being, in Sweden, the EU, and the USA.

Fascia Clinics Main Sponsor of Swedish Fascia Conventionv

Fascia Clinics Main Sponsor of Swedish Fascia Convention We are proud to announce that Fascia Clinics is one of the main sponsors of Swedish Fascia Convention 2024. The purpose of the Swedish Fascia Convention is to help people understand, spread knowledge and insights about fascia & the living body. The event gathers thought leaders in…

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