SUMMARY: Fascia Clinics is entering an expansion phase

  • Fascia Clinics helps people who want to feel well through treatment with patented equipment and methodology based on science and proven experience.
  • The business model is franchise, where the end consumer purchases treatment, nutritional supplements and membership, and the franchisees receive assistance in running and expanding their business.
  • Fascia Clinics is a modern tech company with expertise in customer journeys, utilizing systematic processes for marketing, sales, customer care, recruitment and administration. Franchise is a proven scalable business model, both domestically and internationally.
  • The concept is fully developed, with revenue increasing from € 0,16 M in 2021 to € 1,6 M in 2023 – with an EBITDA of € 0,2 M.
  • In the next five years we aim to start 250 clinics in Sweden with a yearly revenue of € 100 M. Meanwhile we are expanding the concept to 5 countries in the EU & to the USA.
  • Our vision is that Fascia Clinics will be the first thing in mind for people seeking well-being, in Sweden, the EU, and the USA.
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    ”Fascia Clinics will be top of mind for people seeking well-being, both in the EU & the USA”

    – Ivar Bohlin, CEO

PROBLEM: How healthy are we?

  • You have definitely heard of it and probably experienced it yourself – stress, lifestyle related problems, mental health issues, trouble sleeping, various aches and pain. Even those who try to be healthy find it challenging with current working conditions, commuting and the daily grind.
  • It is even harder for those who don’t know how to be healthy or those who doesn’t know what well-being actually could be.
  • Is it possible to be pain free, relaxed and full of energy, to be focused and high performing every hour of every workday or to be able to manage high levels of stress without negative consequence? Is it possible to develop simple habits improving our lifestyle, preventing sickness and aches?
  • We believe there is a potential for a new standard in well-being . We believe that people who feel well treat other people better and that well-being creates a positive spiral leading to a better society.
  • We believe this because thousands of people are coming to Fascia Clinics every month to improve posture and balance, increase mobility and relaxation, while learning to manage stress and discovering how to improve their lifestyle.
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    ”Now we have a scope which looks at the living tissue and it doesn’t look like what we thought”

    –Neil Thiese, Professor of Pathology

OPPORTUNITY: The Fascia Perspective

  • What is Fascia? Recent research shows that fascia plays a more important role in terms of health and well-being than previously known. Fascia is the network of connective tissue enveloping everything in the body – from every single cell, to every muscle, organ, to larger chains of movement, all the way out to the skin. It is the structure and flow between all cells that maintain interconnection, communication, and interaction among all the body’s different parts. Fascia is a living, vibrating, multidimensional, pressure-distributing network.
  • Why Fascia? Fascia is a way to explain how our body functions as a whole and why we are affected by so many different things at the same time. This enables a new way to assess a person’s health looking at various aspects at the same time, like posture, balance, movement, lifestyle, nutrition and injuries, but also stress, thoughts, feelings, personal history and trauma – all which affects the fascia.
  • The Fascia Perspective is a way to treat the customer as a whole, taking everything into account while knowing how to start adjusting the small things that makes the largest impact, thus aiding the body in self-healing.
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    “The way of thinking about our anatomy & bodies is of course changing”

    – Jean Claude Guimberteau, Specialized Surgeon

SOLUTION: Unique & Proven Fascia Treatment

  • Fascia Clinics helps people who want to feel well through treatment with patented equipment and methodology based on science and proven experience.
  • At the core of our business is a fascia treatment utilizing modern patented tools, optimized for gentle and effective whole-body treatment based on research-driven methodology and proven experience.
  • Through 400 to 1200 harmonious pulsations per minute, our machines initiate wave-like movements that spread through the fascia, allowing large areas to be treated in a short time, both broadly and deeply. This treatment, in turn, enhances circulation and fluid flow, aiding the body in self-healing.
  • The machine and methodology has been developed, tested and proven in Sweden by hundreds of experts and thousands of customers since 2011.
  • Fascia Clinics has published over 700 articles about fascia and common health aspects, issues & treatments and has exclusive partnership with world renowned fascia brands like The Fascia Guide, The Fascia Research Database and The Fascia Academy.
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    ”Understanding all elements affecting the fascia will help us grow older in a better way”

    – Carla Stecco, Professor of Anatomy

MODEL: Tech, Fascia & Franchise

  • The business model is franchise where end consumers purchase treatment, nutritional supplements and memberships, and our franchisees are assisted in operating and expanding their businesses.
  • Fascia Clinics has three main revenue streams
    • Direct sales – Start up fee when a new clinic is started or when a clinic is opening new treatment rooms (B2B)
    • Recurring revenue – Percentage on all sales on all clinics (B2C)
    • E-commerce – Sales of supplements on (B2C)
  • Fascia Clinics is a modern tech company with expertise in customer journeys, utilizing systematic processes for marketing, sales, customer care, recruitment and administration.
  • This means building processes that ensure the right person receives the right information at the right time, with systems handling tasks that don’t require human intervention, allowing people to focus on tasks that require a human touch. This way our franchisees can spend less time with administration and more time taking care of their staff and their customers – growing their business

MARKET: The Wellness Industry

  • Global market: The Global Wellness Institute (GWI) defines wellness as: the active pursuit of activities, choices, and lifestyles that lead to a state of holistic health. The wellness economy has had an annual growth rate of 14 % in Europe & North America in 2020-2022.
  • Blue Ocean: The Fascia Perspective is a way to treat the customer as a whole, taking everything into account while knowing how to start adjusting the small things that makes the largest impact, thus aiding the body in self-healing. Using Fascia as a blue ocean strategy Fascia Clinics is acting in various sectors including complementary medicine, nutrition, personal care, mental wellness, physical activity and personalized medicine. Our vision is to be the first choice for people seeking well-being.
  • Target Audience: Traditionally our demographic has been women aged 35-65 but we have seen a growing interest in men aged 20-30 and we have customers in all age groups from all levels of society.
  • Competition: In Sweden manual treatment is an underdeveloped market with few large actors. Naprapatlandslaget focuses on customers in pain and has 46 clinics in Sweden. The largest actors in massage are Flexmassage with 19 clinics and Stockholm Physique with 11 clinics.

TRACTION: Developed, tested & proven, entering growth phase

  • Development 2010-2021: During the pandemic, the idea was born to combine products, services, concepts, and ten years of experience and learning into a new business concept. Fascia Clinics launched in June 2020 as a marketing concept and evolved throughout 2021 into a Franchise concept.
  • Start Up & New Issue 2021-22: Before the launch of the first franchise clinics, 251 individuals invest € 0,6 M in a new issue. As a franchise concept, the path forward became clear and with the first clinics in place, the concept could be developed and tested.
  • Proof of concept 2023: The concept has been tested and proven to work, more clinics are opening, demand and profitability are increasing, and the clinics are becoming more self-sufficient, being profitable despite challenging times.
  • Growth 2024-2028: In Sweden, the goal is to open 250 clinics by starting new clinics, affiliating existing wellness clinics, and integrating Fascia Clinics into existing chains, such as gyms, hotels, or companies. The international expansion model is Master Franchise, proven and used by, among others, McDonald’s, where the licensee becomes the franchisor in a region for an initial investment and ongoing royalties. The license fee for the Netherlands is expected to be around € 1-2 M with royalties of approximately 5% of turnover. The growth rate should resemble the Swedish one but could also be faster.
2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 2026 2027 2028
Revenue (€M) 0,14 0,8 1,67 3-5 13-20 26-40 40-61 72-110
Gross profit (€M) 0,12 0,3 0,48 0,5-0,8 2-3 4-6 6-9 11-17
EBITDA (€M) 0,03 0,17 0,24 0,3-0,4 1,3-2 3-5 5-8 10-15
CAPEX 2,3 8,2 5 3,8 3,8 0 0 0
Franchise Clinics 0 6 20 30-42 65-100 111-170 163-250 250
Active rooms 0 12 31 54-83 145-223 242-373 340-523 580-880
Therapists 0 13 56 92-141 246-379 412-634 578-889 1000-1500

USE OF FUNDS: Expansion in Sweden, EU & USA

1. Digital Launch in EU & USA while preparing for market entry
Utilizing AI we will translate our entire digital ecosystem to all major European languages, creating interest and collecting leads in target markets. Meanwhile we prepare entering the Netherlands followed by USA, Germany, France, Spain and the UK.
2. Creating hype in the Swedish market
We estimate that we have reached a few percent of our target market. The next step is massive exposure, PR and working with ambassadors to create legitimacy among early adaptors and early majority. Step one is putting Pop Up Clinics in the 50 largest malls
3. Acquiring strategic competences & partners
The core team needs an additional 4 FTEs in areas of marketing, sales & customer success management. Transitioning from owner-operated to owner-governed requires a new board, an improved advisory board and new partners with experience of international growth.


2024 – € 1 M
Expanding the team with 4FTE, new board & updated advisory board
€ 0,5 M

Preparing multilingual launch of &
€ 0,2 M

Develop international franchise concept & franchise recruitment process
€ 0,1 M

Launching ambassador program
€ 0,1 M

Maximizing being main sponsor of Swedish Fascia Convention, increasing national & international legitimacy
€ 0,1 M

2025 – € 1M
Preparing for start of first clinic in the Netherlands
€ 0,2 M

Setting up Pop Up Clinics at malls, gyms & hotels
€ 0,2 M

Start of Pilot Clinic in the Netherlands
€ 0,2 M

Prepare for US launch in Texas, Arizona, Florida or New York
€ 0,2 M

International marketing, ambassador programs & events
€ 0,2 M

2026-2027: € 5 M
US Launch & Pre IPO

Core Team

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    Ivar Bohlin, CEO & Co-Founder

    Extensive experience in sales, business and customer relations, in charge of therapist education since 2019.

  • null

    Victor Forsell, Head of Expansion

    Entrepreneur with practical experience from running three clinics with 29 employes, making an exit in 2022.

  • null

    John Hedén, VP of Marketing

    10+ years experience in start ups, sales, entrepreneurship, marketing, management & IT.

  • null

    Ulrika Gahm, VP of Communications

    More than 10 years experience from B2C & B2B communications, PR, marketing and campaign management.

  • null

    Axel Bohlin, CSO & Co-Founder

    Extensive experience in communication, digital marketing, business automation, management & business development.

  • null

    Hans Bohlin, Chairman & Co-Founder

    Inventor of machine and treatment method with extensive experience in business development, IT & innovation.

  • null

    Charlotta Bohlin, Legal & HR

    Lawyer with 30+ years experience in banking, finance & management.

  • null

    Camilla Ranje Nordin, Research

    Fascia expert, writer, teacher & founder of the world’s largest research database on Fascia.


  • null

    Anders Fernlund

    Expert in Franchise Law

  • null

    Branko Lazarevic

    Franchise Growth Specialist

  • null

    Brad Martineau

    Business Automation Expert

  • null

    Per Johansson

    Doctor of Human Ecology

  • null

    Åke Renman

    Osteopath D.O. MSc

THE DEAL: Time to Scale Up

Name of venture: FasciaClinicsby Atlasbalans INT AB, VAT SE559328398801,

Swedish venture is run by the subsidiary Fasciaklinikerna by Atlasbalans AB, SE556874195201

Industry/Domain/Sector: Wellness sector

Market: Wellness Economy, 8,47 trillion USD

Primary Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Valuation: € 13 700 000 (150 MSEK)

Deal Terms:

  • Amount Raising: € 15-24 M
  • Min ticket: € 10 000
  • Max ticket: € 500 000
  • Duration: 2024-06-10 to 2024-08-30 with option to close early if goal is reached or extend until goal is reached
  • Existing shares: 531 977
  • Share price: 282 SEK (€25,7)
  • Share type: Common shares
  • Maximum number of shares to be issued: 85,000
  • The Board of Directors may extend the subscription period if necessary. The issuance can also be terminated early if fully subscribed
  • Subscription is on a first-come, first-served basis

Existing investors: 252 investors from previous crowdfunding round. Majority owner with 93,9 % of the shares is Fascia Innovation Sweden AB.

The Bet (what will need to happen for this to hit):

  • Mastering key recruitments and finding the right people.
  • We need to find the right Franchisees, the right Master Franchise for each international market (who buys the licence for that market) and the right partners to support the growth.

How to invest in Fascia Clinics

The fund raising campaign is live until August 30th 2024

Investments are made through Pepins, a Swedish investment platform with trade of unlisted shares, which will enabling future purchasing and sales of Fascia Clinics before the IPO.

Investors needs to become members at the Pepins platform.

We recommend using our private link to avoid commission to Pepins associated with using the public investment case on their website.

Private link:

Password: FASCIA2024

Three simple steps

  • Become a Pepins member here
  • Use the private link to avoid comission: PRIVATE LINK, PASSWORD FASCIA2024
  • Pick number of stocks and make your investment

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