Fascia Clinics nominated to Marketer of the year by the Swedish Franchise Association

We are very excited and proud to announce that Fascia Clinics has been nominated for Marketer of the Year 2024 by the Swedish Franchise Association, in shining company with Pressbyrån and Sibylla.

This nomination recognizes our work with innovative and effective marketing that supports and develops our franchisees’ businesses. It is a testament to our dedication to education and the dissemination of knowledge about Fascia – an area that is revolutionizing the view on health and well-being.

At the heart of our operation lies a deep understanding of Fascia, the living body’s connective tissue network, which has proven to play a crucial role in our health. We utilize the latest research and technology, such as the award-winning treatment machines Atlasbalans M1 and M2, to offer treatments that make a difference. Our mission is to help people feel better by increasing mobility, reducing pain, and promoting a holistic approach to the body and health.

Our vision has always been to be at the forefront – not just in how we treat our clients but also in how we market these revolutionary methods. This nomination is a recognition of our work and a motivation to continue leading the way in the health and wellness industry.

We look forward to the gala on April 26 at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm, where we will have the opportunity to share our insights and experiences with industry colleagues and continue to learn from each other.

A big thank you to the Swedish Franchise Association for this honor and best of luck to our fellow finalists Pressbyrån and Sibylla.

Let’s continue to raise the bar for what is possible within franchising in Sweden!

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