Effective preventative wellness treatment with Swedish Fascia Vibes

Effective preventative wellness treatment with Swedish Fascia Vibes

Preventative wellness by improving balance, posture and mobility

Wellness is really about taking care of yourself before you fall ill, get hurt, get stressed and so on. It is a way for each individual to find balance in life.

What we are dealing with is balance and posture, mobility and agility – and we believe it is the most important foundation for good health and taking care of oneself.

With the body being balanced, it for example becomes easier to train and the body’s own healing process works better.

Balancing the body and having good posture is the foundation for a healthy life, a strong platform to build from.

“Incredibly impressed with how fast and effective the treatment has” – Dr. Håkan Borg

Better posture

The effect is absolutely the easiest to see immediately after the treatment is the posture, this because of the pictures taken before and after treatment – the posture is always changing for the better.

Many people describe the feeling of walking out of the treatment room, proud and upright, and better posture helps the body to distribute the load during training and effort – and in addition, many people feel surer of themselves. The body rises and feels lighter. We have had clients with text neck that got rid of it and even those who have lost a small beer belly.

With good posture comes good balance. When the body is centered the flow of blood improves as well as nerve signals in the body, it becomes easier to relax, and the body’s own healing process increases.

Poor balance and posture leads to the body being forced to compensate for the imbalance – which affects the neck, shoulder, shoulder area, back and pelvis – and it can also lead to uneven length of legs.
The body is clever and distributes the load onto several points.

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