Years of neck pain can be relieved in ten minutes

Years of neck pain can be relieved in ten minutes

Jörgen Björling found that ten minutes with the Swedish Fascia Vibes tool relieved years of neck pain.

At work event in Sweden, Jörgen Björling met Hans Bohlin, founder of Swedish Fascia Vibes, and told him about his problems with an aching neck.

– Hans showed me what I could do about my pain, and ensured me to not give up. It only took ten minutes and I felt a lot better, says Jörgen Björling.

Jörgen has been stuck with neck pain for years, and the methods he had been recommended earlier has not shown much effect of relieving the pain.

Jörgen decided to bring his wife and have her come and try it. She had been sick for several years with psoriasis and arthritis and got several diagnoses but have never been able to find the right help to get rid of her troubles.

– Ever since then, we have both started getting the treatments with the Swedish Fascia Vibes tool, says Jörgen and continues;

– One of the most significant things with this is that it does not take a lot of time. The results show immediately and it does not hurt at all.

As a person who is in pain, you might be scared of getting treatment because of the pain you might feel while getting treated.

– With this tool, you can feel the trigger points, but they do not hurt. At first, you can feel that they are tense, but it is relieved in 20 seconds and then they tune out and you get a relieving feeling, says Jörgen.

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