New treatment concept helping people increase mobility & get rid of low back pain

Fascia Clinics: From pain, to well-being

  • Fascia Clinics is a new treatment concept, uniting professional therapists and providing them with what they need to run long-term sustainable business.
  • With the ambition to build the worlds largest platform in Health and Well-being, Fascia Clinics was launched in Sweden by Atlasbalans, in July 2020.
  • The concepts is developed with international markets in mind and Atlasbalans are now searching for international partners.
  • “With countless of people struggling with aches and pain it is important to do what we can to connect people to professional therapists” – says Hans Bohlin, CEO of Atlasbalans.”

Why Fascia Clinics?

Industry with great potential

There is an industry with great potential, where online marketing and digitalization is almost nonexistent. In this industry you will find well educated and experienced professionals with high quality services.

The market is enormous, but many consumers have trouble finding the right service provider, and even more people are completely unaware that there is an existing solution to their problems.

Challange #1: Assuring quality, authority and legitimacy

There is a large variety of therapist educations, most of them are unregulated, and this has led to therapists with the same education on paper, but with varied service quality in practice.

The lack of standardization has given the industry an undeserved bad reputation in public opinion which makes it hard for the professional therapist to stand out and be taken seriously.

Challange #2: Marketing and digitalization

Most therapists spend limited amounts or nothing at all on marketing. Despite great results most people are unaware that a solution to their problems exists.

Few therapists has followed the digitalization trend. They barely have any digital presence, and some even lack a website which makes it hard for potential customers to find the right provider, get in touch and make an appointment.

Marketing & business solutions for therapists

Fascia Clinics gather and provide professional therapists with what they need to run long-term sustainable operations.

  • The Fascia Clinics brand unifies a fragmented industry with a standardized way of working & customer interaction and treatment quality is assured through training and customer rating.
  • The concept includes market leading strategies for digital presence, social media, advertising and communication.
  • Content, articles and videos are based on research and proven practices, and developed by people with specific knowledge of the industry, which increases brand trust and credibility.

A concept developed by Atlasbalans

  • Since 2010 Atlasbalans has been delivering award winning treatment tools, training and services to more than 500 health & well-being professionals. The company also has experience from running a clinic and has developed treatment methods as well as a professional education for therapists.
  • Atlasbalans possesses cutting edge expertise in digital marketing, sales processes and market automation and has built up a network of carefully selected specialists in graphic design, digital advertising and digital infrastructure.
  • Since 2015, Atlasbalans has specialized in new research on Fascia, the network of connective tissue that surrounds everything in the body. One of the company’s assets is The Fascia Guide, the world’s largest website about Fascia, among other thing containing a research database with over 500 articles.

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