Simple treatment of tennis elbow

Simple treatment of tennis elbow

Tennis elbow is usually caused by one of two things. Either too much repetitive activities with your index finger and thumb (so-called carpal tunnel), or a movement that is too monotonous and tedious.

When that happens it forms an inflammation or a “stop” in the elbow. It can easily be resolved with simple movement of the hand, massage out the strained area and some other trigger points available in the upper arm, shoulder and neck. With Fascia wave treatment it usually takes about 10-15 minutes to release

How does fascia wave treatment work?

  • Fascia wave machine is very easy to deal with along the arm on all sides. Biceps are often short, and then presses the tendons to the axis of the elbow’s bursa and also adversely affects the elbow. To treat the muscle belly you can relieve fixing points, shoulder and elbow.
  • When the supraspinatus on the shoulder blade is exhausted the triceps sometimes take over the lifting function and becomes short and hard. It is a cause of so-called tennis elbow.
  • The forearm is also often stiff and feels good from treatments. All the way out in the palm is good to spot treat with the machine. The forearm has so many narrow muscles that run along all sides so it is good to turn and rotate the arm and to access all parts.

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